Castejón de Sos, has a museum-space dedicated to an animal species that is closely linked to the Pyrenees. It is the Sarrio Museum, a space to show the most important aspects of this mammal that lives in mountain areas such as the Benasque Valley.
The Sarrio is a mammal that is now on the verge of extinction, an animal that has lived with intense livestock activity for many years and is now struggling to survive.
For this reason, the Castejón de Sos Town Council decided to open a museum space dedicated exclusively to Sarrio, in order to explain and analyse this large mammal in the Pyrenees from which many things can be learned.
Avant-garde and exclusive, this is how you can define the Sarrio Museum in Castejón de Sos, a space that is located in the old church of Castejón de Sos -upper storey-. Many of the visitors have the great opportunity to discover the great fauna heritage of the town of Castejón de Sos, a space that is expanded with the exhibition of more than 200 pieces of animals that were preserved by means of taxidermy.
In order to access the Sarrio Museum, the entrance fee is 1 euro, so it is well worthwhile to get to know it and learn a lot about Sarrio. 

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