Cheese traditional Benasqués

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At the entrance to the Posets Maladeta Natural Park, in the picturesque village of Sahún, the Benasque Valley Artisan Cheese "El Benasqués" is made. 

Natural meadows, mountain pastures and suitable climatic conditions favour the good feeding of our cows. 

Controlled production at source:


Pressed, uncooked, enzymatically coagulated, slowly matured cheese in a natural underground cellar for at least 3 to 4 months.


Cylindrical cheese with natural rind, winery moulds and brushed, bluish brown in colour and weighing between 600grs and 3kg.


The interior is blind and compact, but with a buttery texture, melting on the palate and ivory white in colour.

It has a frank, buttery, gently salty, lactic background and a moist, wine-cellar cheese aroma. 

Recovering the tradition
With milk chosen from our cattle ranch and in optimal conditions a high quality cheese is elaborated with the most traditional method. 

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