Laspauls Lo Consell

In case of its location and altitude, Laspaúles is part of the Trasnpirenaica route. 

In Laspúles, its villages and villages offer the typical high Pyrenean flavor, together with the wide landscape that surrounds them with their own character, full of architectural, natural and scenic beauties, enhanced by the impressive Turbón massif, which with its almost 2,500 meters of altitude dominates the whole region. 

The Council of Laspauls

Lo Consell de Laspauls grouped the nuclei of Villarroé, Vilaplana, Alins, Rins, the seven houses of Neril and Sen Pere, which maintained this terminology until the mid-seventeenth century.

The mission of the Consell de Laspaulls was to regulate the relations between citizens, the administration of justice, determine laws for the rational use of grassland, promote and administer public services of butchery, tavern, mill, mountain and neighborhood. He was always attended by Lords of Rins and Alins. 

In 1983 and later, in 2001, the priest of Laspaúles, Domingo Subías, found among the rubble of the bell tower some documents of vital importance for the knowledge of the history of this place. A total of a thousand bound scrolls are placed chronologically between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. 

From them we have been able to extract the way of life of the time in the Consell de Laspauls, and among many other things, the act of condemnation for acts of witchcraft of a total of 22 women, who were whipped and sentenced to hanging. 

Two-year house, in Laspaúles, in memory of that time, is presented the play "Lo Consell de Laspauls" which tells historical facts of the town and the history of the witches of Laspaúles.