Maspirineo skiing school

Maspirineo Skiing School specialises in disciplines such as cross-country walking, Nordic skiing or cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and telemark skiing. This training centre emphasises the importance of technique in cross-country skiing, whether the classic version (covering learning of seven technical steps) and skating (with another five).

In addition to learning to do them, you will have to coordinate and combine them with the downhill technique, similar to Alpine skiing although with the difficulty inherent to the sport, and therefore, a professional instructor is indispensable.

Maspirineo adapts to the students’ needs, offering courses in groups with different durations, levels and private classes for beginners, perfection and in some cases recovery from injuries. In spring, the school offers ski mountaineering routes and snowshoeing with ascents on snow to the highest peaks such as Maladeta, Alba or the iconic Aneto Peak. 

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