Parque Natural Hostel

Ctra. Francia, s/n (Benasque)
974 344 584
609 972 090

Parque Natural Hostel is characterised by being the perfect place to spend a holiday with your family or friends, enjoying the nature of Benasque Valley right from the start.

From the hostel itself, there are many walking routes since the GR-11 long distance footpath passes by just a few metres from the hostel's doorstep, where we can set off for Estós Valley.

Throughout the whole year, Parque Natural Hostel offers you the chance to discover the hidden charms of Benasque Valley in a peaceful, welcoming environment. During the spring, you will be able to see how the rivers and ravines flow with crystal clear mountain water. In autumn, the forests display a breathtaking array of colours, and in summer, it is an ideal place to get away from the bustle of city life, whereas in winter, there is skiing

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