The Falles of Saunc

The Falles de Saúnc is a festival of fire which is held in the Pyrenees on the St. John's Eve (23rd June), and is a multinational candidate for Intangible World Heritage with the “Fiestas del Fuego Solsticio de Verano” in the Pyrenees, submitted by France, Andorra and Spain.

Les Falles” are one of the oldest traditions in Upper Ribagorza, still very much alive in Benasque Valley (Huesca Province), thanks to the people in Sahún who still make and burn these original torches on the night of 23rd June.

A bonfire is lit at Plaza de la Iglesia where the participants, from the very youngest to the very oldest, set fire to the falles (torches made with hazel sticks and birch bark) before coming down the mountainside in a procession of burning torches to the plain by the ravine where the ritual of spinning the falla on their heads with great skill and bravery until the last embers have burnt out.