Selba d' Ansils Hotel the best hotels in Spa

A few days ago we knew the news, the Selba d' Ansils hotel in Valle de Benasque has received the award as one of the 25 best hotels in Spain, an award given by the TripAdvisor website.

The award is given to different categories and it recognizes establishments worldwide, European and national. Currently, Spain has more than 170 winners and more than 250 prizes distributed in 10 categories. This past year 2017, the Selba d' Ansils hotel has been one of the winners and in the Benasque Valley we are very satisfied with it.

Ten years ago, the project that Rafael y Piedad, its owners, designed with a lot of enthusiasm and charm was born. A hotel that little by little has become a charming hotel for those who enjoy a few days in the most precious mountains of the Benasque Valley.