More meters than Everest; Safari 10 thousand

Can you imagine descending 10,000 metres in a single day without repeating tracks? At Cerler, it's possible.

Who doesn't want to show a diploma of having descended 10,000 meters in a single day, almost three times more than the average of fans (3,650 meters per day) and more meters that marks the Everest up to sea level?

In January 2010 Aramon Cerler launched this daring activity, in which skiers had to accumulate 10,000 meters of unevenness in a single day and without repeating the track.

A gradient that was achieved after skiing 45 slopes that included all levels of difficulty, from the "very easy" green to the black of the pitas for "experts only". Once the entire route was completed, the ski pass was checked on the ski lifts and the difference in level was verified. To help achieve the challenge, the skiers had a guide provided at the station, which indicated the order of slopes and lifts to follow to get the total.

An adventure that took them from end to end through some of the most important routes of the skiable domain of Cerler, in a vertiginous and demanding journey: it became essential a high level of skiing and good physical form. The novelty and attractiveness of the challenge quickly made it one of the most demanded activities of that and subsequent seasons.

A year ago, after a period of impasse, Aramon Cerlerina opened the winter of 2016 - 2017 with the return of Safari 10,000. Same challenge, same mountains and same search for personal challenge and adrenaline in the skiers who aimed to get "ten thousand" in a single day.

Anyone who wants to can test their level and endurance on the slopes and, by the way, take home the diploma of finisher of the challenge.

If you are thinking of trying the 10,000th safari, we recommend that you book your accommodation in the Benasque Valley and plan a few days, book your accommodation HERE.