The Great Benasque Mountains Marathon opens inscriptions

This Friday, December 1st, the Great Benasque Mountains Marathon is launched, reaching its third edition, with the opening of the deadline to register for the event. Next June 9th will be the start of one of the most spectacular mountain races in the Pyrenees and runs through the valleys of Estós, Literola, Benasque, Vallibierna and Ardonés. Ángel Lledó and Carlos Carmona are the directors of this event, which in the last edition was awarded as the best Trail race in Spain, according to the specialized runopinion platform, as a result of the evaluations made by the riders, protagonists of the mountain race.

The inscriptions must be made from the page of the race since this Friday, December 1.

The 42 k, with its 2,640 metres of positive difference in altitude, is the star race, to which is added the 28K with 1,550 m d+. Both will share part of the route and the ascent to the roof of the race, the peak Estibafreda (2,700 metres high) which is a privileged balcony to see the most beautiful' three thousand' of the Pyrenees. One of the novelties of this third edition is the competition for pairs -male, female or mixed- and in which will be added the times of both participants who cannot reach the finish line with a difference of more than 10 seconds. Without a doubt, this will imply absolute companionship throughout the entire journey of the couples.

The organization has also introduced some improvements in the layout where it highlights the passage through the town of Cerler with which the participants will have a great welcome to compensate their efforts before reaching the nearby goal of Benasque. In this improvement of the routes, the organization has removed asphalt that will not reach 1% of the race, by eliminating the passage through the parking lot of El Molino.

The race will have 8 refreshments and in that care for the details that characterizes the Great Mountain Marathon of Benasque in this edition is added as speaker Toño Laguarta to encourage the start and finish of the runners and give atmosphere at all times finish line.

The website already contains the tracks of the race and is the website where you will be announcing various news and improvements of a spectacular race in a unique territory.