What is the Benasque Valley?

Reference tourist destination in the Aragonese Pyrenees

The splendid nature of the Benasque valley makes it an ideal place to enjoy outdoor activity all year round. The high peaks covered with snow in winter, perfect for enjoying skiing, are also in summer a paradise that invites you to enjoy the environment.

In addition to elite sports for mountaineers and athletes, the valley offers an extensive network of trails and paths for walking or mountain biking through lush forests and beautiful views. Taking advantage of its spectacular orography, the most daring can venture through its crystalline waters or be carried away by the air currents practicing free flight.

The aneto, the highest mountain in the Pyrenees with its 3,404 meters, is an indispensable peak for mountaineers and an emblem of the Benasque Valley. 

The Benasque Valley, the centre and heart of the Pyrenees, is home to the largest number of peaks 3,000 metres high in the Pyrenees, distributed among three groups of peaks around the massifs of La Maladetas, Posets and Perdiguero. The peaks with the most possibilities and climbs on different routes are those of the Agujas de Perramó (2,550) although there are many very attractive peaks for mountaineers such as the Tucas de Ixeia, Turmo, Batisielles, Jean Arlaud peak, needle of the Paul, Bardamina peak, Crabide peak, Gías peak or Perdiguero peak.

Beyond competing in high mountains or climbing the colossus of the Benasque Valley, nature lovers can choose from countless ways to enjoy one of the privileged natural enclaves of the Peninsula. GR and PR footpaths, winding through these beautiful places in a network of signposted pedestrian routes, formed by the connection of footpaths, paths, trails and tracks. These routes invite you to enjoy nature and landscape at any age.

Together with those who choose to walk along these Recollect footpaths, mountain bike enthusiasts travel. In the Benasque Valley, there are countless mountain bike routes with vertical signposting. The degrees of difficulty vary and everyone will surely find the right one for their needs.

In the ski resort of Cerler you can also experience the mountain in summer and, next to the ski lifts, a network of trails has been set up that allow you to enjoy beautiful views and different degrees of difficulty on a trail that can be walked or cycled.