A tour by car passing through five small villages on a route that runs parallel to the main access road to Benasque Valley.

The route starts at Eresué village, which you can easily reach from Benasque. Once you have passed through Eriste and Guayente Monastery, turn left and it is here that the El Solano route begins, one of the sunniest routes in Benasque Valley. After crossing over the bridge, the road snakes up to the first village, Eresué, a small village belonging to the municipal district of Sahún located at an altitude of 1350 metres. When you enter Eresué, you will realise that it was worth your while getting there. You will have some spectacular views of all Benasque Valley, with the three thousand metre peaks of Aneto, Posets and Turbón.

Before setting off for the next village, visit the Romanesque parish church, San Juan Bautista, built in the 12th century, Casa Negüe and the ruins of San Pedro shrine.

It is now time to continue on the El Solano route, heading south and after approximately a kilometre and a half, you will reach the next village, Ramastué, the highest village in the area at 1420 metres. In Ramastué, belonging to Castejón de Sos, you can visit the 16th century church, which is currently in ruins. 

If you continue the El Solano route for a further two kilometres, you will reach Liri, a beautiful village, belonging to Castejón de Sos, located at an altitude of 1325 metres, with some singular buildings that are well worth visiting, such as the Romanesque parish church, the La Plana Stronghold, with its watchtower.

As mentioned previously, the same is true as at the other villages, there are spectacular views and sunshine on clear days is guaranteed. Furthermore, the waterfalls you will see when leaving the village heading towards Castejón de Sos are a pleasant surprise, following a track next to the ruins of the former mill.

Route: Eresué, Ramastué, Liri

Approximate Distance: 12km

Approximate Duration: Half a day.

Places of Interest:  San Juan Bautista Romanesque Church, San Pedro Shrine, Liri Parish Church, La Plana Stronghold.

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