Adventure in the air

Benasque Valley has a reputation in the world of flight, both because of its aerologic conditions and the beauty of its landscapes. Not without reason is Castejón de Sos known as the “Air Capital” among engine-free flight lovers.

Floating in the air with a minimum degree of dependence on aeronautical technology, in the most natural and silent way possible, is the closest imitation of that age-old adventure of mankind: flight.

Planing, and particularly hang-gliding and paragliding, are the most similar things to flying like birds, using thermal air currents. In the case of the latter, the absence of an enclosure gives you a feeling of complete freedom when launching yourself over the valleys from great heights. Castejón de Sos is one of the sites with the best conditions for this sport in all of Europe.

Its location, in a valley protected from the wind by the massifs of Aneto y Posets, confer a series of ideal characteristics for flying. Paragliding, hang-gliding, planing ... with the help of the different specialist companies in the Valley, you will be able to fly free as a bird.

And if you have time, you will be able to take a complete course so that you will be able to fly solo in the future.

Don't forget, you must practice this sport with professionals. Safety is extremely important.


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