Advice and recommendations

Advice and recommendations for hiking

Wear the right equipment, hard-soled shoes and warm clothing.
Don't abandon or bury the garbage, take it where there is collection service.
Don't light a fire.
Do not drink water from streams or eat fruit that you do not know, respect and care for water sources and streams.
Don't pull flowers from the bush. Photograph them.
Find out before camping, fishing or hunting.
Always follow the path, don't take shortcuts or cross country.
If there's fog, it tends to go down.
If you're caught in a storm, avoid standing or protecting yourself under a tree.
Always go accompanied and report where you're going.
You have to know how to quit, don't let the night surprise you if you don't plan to.
Btt Tips and Recommendations
When you go out with your bike, the first thing you have to do is to find out about the condition of your bike, the route and the weather.

Leave the way you will go.
Use the helmet. Guarantee your safety.
Respect the priority of walkers and traffic rules.
Respect the environment and the natural environment.
Follow the signposted routes, don't enter the private roads.
Don't dirty the forest.
The MTB centre is not responsible for any misuse of the routes or any possible imprudence on the part of users.
Emergency telephone number: 974 55 10 08