I want to climb to Benasque Valley

The impressive natural beauty of Benasque Valley, home to the highest number of three-thousanders in the Pyrenees, makes it the ideal place for all kinds of routes.

You can ascend the highest peaks in the Pyrenees, where there is a unique Alpine environment, with glaciers and spectacular views from the tops of these mountains.

Do the Posets Trekking route with a via ferrata, a vertical, an aerial route where you will be able to enjoy easy climbing, with some spectacular views over the valley. Climb the huge rock walls on routes that are sometimes over 600 metres long, following cracks that will make you forget the humdrum of everyday life for a while.

The excellent Pyrenean limestone allows for rock climbing at all levels of difficulty, all year round. In recent years some walls have been fitted with via ferratas to complement the choice of adventures, although it is always recommended to tackle them with a specialist guide.

 Doing these activities under the guidance of a specialist guide is fully recommended.