Trail Running in Benasque Valley

The Grand Trail Trangoworld Aneto Posets has already been scheduled for 20nd, 21rd and 22th July 2018.

It is a semi self-sufficient race open to participation by runners over 18 years old who can accredit having taken part in mountain running races of 58 km and over 3700 metres of vertical climb if they want to run the 109 km Grand Trail Trangoworld Aneto Posets race in Benasque Valley.

There are five different races:

  • Grand Trail Trangoworld Aneto Posets: 109 km, 7,000 metres vertical climb. This race is limited to 300 runners. The race covers some of the most beautiful landscapes and the peaks of the highest mountains in the Aragonese Pyrenees Aneto Peak standing at 3404 metres high and Posets Peak at 3371 metres high. The two highest points are Salenques Pass (2797 m) and Forqueta Pass (2840 m).
  • Salida Gran Trail Trangoworld Aneto Posets
    Salida Gran Trail Trangoworld Aneto Posets
  • Vuelta al Aneto: 58 km3700 metres vertical climb. This race is limited to 800 runners and the route covers the guardian of the high peaks in the Pyrenees Aneto Peak at 3404 metres high. In this race, the highest point runners ascend to is Salenques Pass (2797 m). 
  • Maratón de las Tucas:  42km, 2,500 metres vertical climb. This race is limited to 1000 runners and the route covers one of the highest peaks in the Aragonese Pyrenees, Posets Peak standing at 3371 metres high and the highest point the runners pass through on the way is Forqueta Pass at 2840 metres. 
  • Salida Maratón de las Tucas
    Salida Maratón de las Tucas
  • Vuelta al Pico Cerler: 22.5 km, 1230 metres vertical climb. This race is limited to a total of 500 runners. The Vuelta al Pico Cerler follows paths that join BenasqueAnciles and Cerler and most of the race is around Aramon Cerler Ski Resort.  
  • Vuelta al Pico Cerler
    Vuelta al Pico Cerler
  • Vuelta al Molino de Cerler: 9 km, 450 metres vertical climb. This race is limited to 250 runners. This is a race designed for people who want to start serious trail running, and is suitable for anyone over 18 years old. The route takes place on paths joining Benasque to Anciles and Cerler
  • Vuelta al Molino de Cerler
    Vuelta al Molino de Cerler
    Gran Maratón Montañas de Benasque 
    The Gran Maratón Montañas de Benasque is now in its third edition. This year with more enthusiasm than ever before as it has been selected as one of the best mountain races. It has a spectacular tour of the mountains of the Benasque Valley, where the highest point of the race is in the Pico Estiba Freda, 2,691 meters, from where you can see a great perspective of the highest massifs of the Pyrenees.

    This race has a great attraction for anyone who wants to participate in mountain races in the Pyrenees, contemplating the highest peak of the Pyrenees, the Aneto peak with its 3,404 meters high. 
  • Trail 2 Heaven
    In the unique environment of Benasque Valley, with Aneto (3404 m) holding vigil and surrounded by the marvels of Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve, we offer you the chance of trying different trail running disciplines.   From snow running, to vertical kilometre racing, to round off the Pirineos Series circuit at the foot of Aneto with T2H-25km and the most thrilling race on the circuit, the Trail 2 Heaven 48 km route with over 5500-metre vertical climb joining France and Spain in a single race. Both races take place at the foot of the highest peak in the Pyrenees, Aneto.
  • The highest part that runners pass through on the 25 km trail run is the viewpoint of Aneto at 2385 metres, which, as its name suggests, is the place with the best views of Aneto Peak at 3404 metres high.  This is a must for the runners from Benasque Valley and runners from other places such as: Argentina, Mexico, Holland, Finland and Germany, and of course our neighbours from France.    


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