Walking route Benasque Ancillans Cerler Benasque

The route that joins Benasque with Cerler starts at the entrance to Benasque, just on the right bank of the river Ésera towards Anciles.

The path runs along the right bank of the river until you reach a bridge that we cross to the left towards Anciles. Once we arrive at the entrance of Anciles, we will walk along its streets, which are signposted, and we will head towards Cerler.

Along the way we will come across a somewhat ambushed path that gives off a great scenic charm throughout the entire route.

As you get higher, you will find small ravines where you can take pictures and rest. 

Once we reach this point, we will cross the bridge in the direction of the station car park where we will begin our descent down the road to Benasque.

During the way down we will enjoy the spectacular views over Benasque, the Chía mountain range and the Ixeia tucas. Along the descent route we will find a point where we can go to the left direction Benasque or we will go to the right direction Pichirillo road and this way we will go around Benasque until we reach the end of the road, in the bypass of Benasque.