Hiking route through the Eriste Valley - Valle de Benasque

Hiking route through the Eriste Valley - Valle de Benasque

Valle de Eriste: Espigantosa Waterfall - Ángel Orús Refuge

Espigantosa waterfall car park - Angel Orús Refuge - return to the car park.

The place known as Aigüeta de la Ball, in the Eriste Valley, concentrates all the attractions of the Pyrenean landscape: valleys, peaks and mountains that are discovered walking through forests.

The trail starts in front of the Espigantosa waterfall. To get to the waterfall by car, we must take the asphalted track in the town of Eriste, which indicates the access to the Angel Orús refuge (or El Forcau). The track zigzags up the hillside, finishes the asphalt and the pavement continues to land and records. We will pass by the Eriste viewpoint, and further on we will find the crossroads towards the Tramarrius bridge which we will also leave behind, as the track continues straight ahead until ending in the car park in front of the Espigantosa waterfall. The route coincides with the PR 36. The path narrows as soon as you cross the bridge over the Esera River and ascends through a lush forest next to the river. After about an hour's walk we will arrive at a more open area next to the river where we will find the bridge of Presentet, a good place to rest. From here on, it has a steep slope that is overcome by means of short loops through a zone of black pine and rhododendron up to the Angel Orús refuge. The entire itinerary runs through the PR-HU 36

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