Hiking route through the Estós Valley, lakes of batisielles

Estós Valley - Batisielles - Escarpinosa

Estós Valley start car park - Ibonet de Batisielles - Ibón de Escarpinosa - Return to the car park

The trail begins in the car park located at the beginning of the Estós Valley. The first part of the trail goes up the Estós Valley, coinciding with the path marked as GR 11. The route passes next to the small shepherd's shelter of the hut of Santa Ana continues along the track until you find the detour to the ibonet de Batisielles, which we will find well signposted to our left.

We leave the wide track at the bottom of the valley (GR11) and take the detour to the ibonet, whose path ascends through a leafy forest until we find a tiny lake in an area of meadows, is the ibonet de Batisielles.

To get to the end of our route we must continue approximately 40 minutes more, following the directional signs that will lead us along a small path to the impressive Escarpinosa Iberian Lamb.