Hiking route through the Lliterola Valley - Valle de Bensque

Lliterola Valley - Ibonet de Lliterola Valley 

Bridge over the Lliterola ravine - Cabaña de Lliterola - Ibonet de Lliterola - return to the bridge.

Lliterola is a seemingly short and wide valley that flows into the main valley at the height of the Baños de Benasque. It is born in the Lliterola hill, at almost 3,000 meters altitude, crossed with peaks such as the Perdiguero (3,221 meters) or the Cabrioules (3,116 meters)

From the Benasque road towards the bottom of the valley, after crossing the bridge over the Lliterola ravine, on the left hand side, the path comes out in a steep ascent between rocks and black pines, which always rises parallel to the river.

The path continues along this shore until you reach the shepherds' cabin of Lliterola / 1 hr. 30 mins approximately), which we will leave on the left. We continue ascending by the terraces of grass until arriving at a narrowing where the ravine is definitively boxed and gives way to the Lliterola ibonet.