Sahún Ibones of Barbarisa

Sahún - Ibones of Barbarisa

Sahún - Cabaña d' Es Prats - Ibón Chicot de barbarisa - Ibón gran de Barbarisa - return to Sahún

Barbarisa is a valley that rises in the peaks of Eriste or Bagüeñola and separates the Sierra de Chía from the Llardana massif. It is drained by the Surri ravine, which starts from the lakes of Barbarisa and reaches the Ésera river near Sahún. The trail starts in the village of Sahún, but you can also get to it halfway from the pass of Sahún. In the urban nucleus of Sahún we take the old road to Plan y San Juan (PR- Hu 51) that leaves in south direction and then get into the Sahún Valley with a slight ascent. The path climbs up close to the Surri ravine until you reach the hut d' Es Prats, where you will take the path heading north up the ravine, first along its left orographic margin and then on the right. If we start the path in the pass of Sahún, we must descend the track heading towards Chía until the crossroads with the dirt road on our left that gives access to the hut d' Es Prats. Once in the Chicot de Barbarisa Iberian, only 15 minutes more ascent to reach the Gran de Barbarisa Iberian.