Festivals and popular events in the Benasque Valley

Bailes, juegos y fiestas populares que desarrollan a lo largo de las localidades del Valle de Benasque. ¡No te las puedes perder!


Game of Quilles exclusively for women

This is a game exclusively for women. In the past, the game of Quilles was mixed with Celtic rituals and age-old traditions.

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Dancing of Benasque

The dance has three parts: the arrival of the Benasque people to the Town Hall Plaza dancing with partners before the Saint, the young men walk around Benasque in a procession and then to the Town Hall Plaza.

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The Falles of Saunc

The Falles de Saúnc is a festival of fire which is held in the Pyrenees on the St. John's Eve (23rd June), and is a multinational candidate for Intangible World Heritage with the “Fiestas del Fuego Solsticio de Verano” in the Pyrenees, submitted by France, Andorra and Spain.

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