Discover the culture and museums of the Benasque Valley

Museo del Sarrio del Pirineo, Centro de interpretación, Palacio de los COndes de la RIbagorza... hay mucha cultura por descubrir en Benasque.

exposición de objetos litúrgicos -1.jpg

Exhibition of Liturgical Items

We cannot talk about the existence of the Roda Cathedral Museum alone, without the building hosting it, since St. Vincent’ Cathedral in Roda is the venue and the contents of the museum at the same time.

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Benasque Hospital Fundation

Benasque Hospital Foundation was founded in December 2006 as a not for profit entity by Benasque Town Hall and the company Hospital de Benasque, S.L.

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Visitors Centre

The Benasque Visitors Centre has a model of the mountain range where all the highest peaks can be seen and the deep valleys comprising the Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve.

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Palace of the Counts of Ribagorza

A 16th century palace on two stories built in masonry, a triangular frontispiece with three flower pots and a coat of arms bearing a walking lion, lintel windows, sculpted with a knight and damsel.

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Chamois Museum

This museum teaches visitors details about this animal and shows them its life and behaviour on our peaks, as well as learning more about it to integrate it and preserve its vital habitat.


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Torture Museum

Sixty torture instruments, exact reconstructions of the originals which, in different places around the world but at the same time were used to break the wills and bodies of the people accused of “Witchcraft” or “Heresy”.

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museo de juegos tradicionales -5.jpg

Museum of Traditional Games

The Museum of Traditional Games in Campo (Huesca) is, as its name suggests, dedicated to the games that are played in our towns and villages from an ethnographic point of view.

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museo de la electricidad -7.jpg

Electricity museum in Benasque Valley

Located on the ground floor of the Town Hall, this exhibition narrates the transformation of Ésera Valley

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