Handicraft food on Benasque Valley

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Baldana butchers in Benasque Valley

The best beef and lamb in Benasque Valley. Home-made sausages and others prepared the traditional way: chorizo, sausages, black pudding, tortetas.

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Paté of Benasque Valley

Our products are the result of a process that includes the very best raw materials accounting for a guarantee of quality for all our customers.

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Cheese traditional Benasqués

Traditional cheese, cheese from the valley, visits, cheese tasting and sales at our own cheese factory. Open all year. There are also visits to the farm two days a week. Small groups.

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Chia Potatoes

Chía potatoes are highly rated by the inhabitants of Benasque Valley, and everyone who visits the area.

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Fabrés Cake Shop

Hand crafted cakes to take away or eat in, products made in our own establishment with natural ingredients.

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Gairín Casasnovas Bakers Café

Gairín Casasnovas Bakers has been making bread every day for three generations in Benasque Valley.

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Perucho Bakers

Perucho Bakers is one of the biggest bakers in Benasque Valley.

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Las Tucas Butchers

With 3 generations of butchers in Huesca, in 2003 we expanded our business by opening a new Butchers Shop in Benasque.

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The step Baber in Benasque

In El Paso de Baber, located in the heart of Benasque, you will find all kinds of wines, cheeses, chocolates, pâtés, home-made sausages.

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Village Flavors - Benasque valley

Gourmet shop where you can buy all kinds of delicatessen products from Spain. 

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