Cuisine and Leisure

After a hard day out on the snow you need a delicious menu to nourish your body and soul. The most refined culinary arts, the result of the interest in the valley to train and experiment with the best chefs, live alongside the more traditional fishes of the Pyrenean valleys. Hearty pottages to fight off the cold and the traditional “Recau” or second courses based on game or pork, as well as the delicious mushrooms that grow in the area are just some of the recommendations from the array of catering establishments in Benasque Valley.

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Araguells coffee

Araguells Café is located in the centre of Benasque. It is an ideal place to enjoy a cup of coffee, a beer, tapas, or whatever you feel like.

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Diamó Restaurant café

A wonderful café located in Castejón de Sos village in Benasque Valley.

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Ampriu Restaurant

Ampriu Restaurant is located in the area around Cerler Ski Resort. At an altitude of 1900 metres, you will find an excellent restaurant where you will be able to choose between set meals and baguette sandwiches

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Ansils Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the charming village of Ansils, in the heart of Benasque Valley, and it stands out from other villages because of its manor houses

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Oilarra Restaurant

 We are able offer you some of the most delicious dishes thanks to the bountiful fresh local produce prepared with the loving care that you deserve.

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Chongastán Restaurant

Chongastán Restaurant was opened in August 2006 after the inspiring task of building, decorating and stocking the establishment, under the technical supervision of the architect Eva Cobo

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Casa Tous Restaurant

Try our delicious char-grilled meat dishes and the marvellous home-made recipes at Casa Tous Restaurant in Benasque.

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Casa Valero Restaurant

With over 30 years in the catering business, Casa Valero Restaurant offers a large menu for its customers - menus prepared using the best products in Benasque Valley.

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El Duende Restaurant

HG Cerler Hotel has a large restaurant where you will be able to try genuine cuisine from Benasque Valley.

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El Fogaril Restaurant

Recipes prepared using only the very best ingredients from Benasque Valley where game and char-grilled meat take centre stage.

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El Pilar Restaurant

El Pilar Hotel is an authentic hotel by nature located in the historic centre of Benasque and strategically located on the access route to Cerler Ski Resort.

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Evenia Montealba Restaurant

Evenia Montealba Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Cerler, in Benasque Valley, one of the highest villages in the Aragon Pyrenees.

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Restaurant Pirineos hotel

f you are thinking about celebrating a special event in Benasque Valley, we have large dining rooms where you can have the reception for baptisms, communions, weddings, work lunches or dinners

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Borda del Mastín Restaurant

An attractive restaurant in the highest village in the Aragonese Pyrenees, Cerler.

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Borda d´Arnaldet Restaurant

You will be able to choose between set meals and the à la carte menu at our restaurant.

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La brasa restaurant

Llibrada Hotel is located in the upper Aragon village of Benasque, at the entrance to the village.

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LLardana Restaurant

La Llardana Restaurant is characterised by its location in Benasque Valley, in a unique and spectacular environment.

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La Sidreria Restaurant

It is a luxury to find a cider house in Benasque Valley. Good food at a good price.

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La Solana Restaurant

Casa Cornel Hotel, located in one of the highest villages in Spain, Cerler, has a wonderful restaurant called La Solana.

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El Mesón de Benás Restaurant

Mesón D´ Benás is a brasserie restaurant, typical of the Aragonese Pyrenees, built from stone and wood with a very cosy,

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Casa Rosita Restaurant

Casa Rosita is in Eriste in Benasque Valley, at the foot the one of the gateways to Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve, next to Lonsoles reservoir.

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Hotel Eriste Restaurant

Our chef, Maria del Carmen Bielsa, is a firm believer of traditional cuisine, and with the know-how and experience of a lifetime in catering

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Sotobosque Restaurant

From the moment you first set foot inside Sotobosque Restaurant, you will be amazed by the warmth, politeness and smiling faces we welcome you with so that all our customers feel at ease.

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Tres Picos Hotel Restaurant

Tres Picos Hotel is a small hotel located in the village of Eriste, just 5 minutes from Benasque in the spectacular environment of Benasque Valley.

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Turpi Restaurant

Turpi Hotel is a cosy mountain hotel located in Llano de Los Baños in Benasque, one of the most beautiful areas in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

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El Candil Restaurant

A restaurant in one of the highest villages in the Aragonese Pyrenees, Cerler, in Benasque Valley.

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Restaurant El Molino de Cerler-ski resort Cerler

Restaurant El Molino de Cerler located at the foot of the ski slopes where you can taste the traditional cuisine of the Benasque Valley.

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Botero de Maueco in Benasque Valley

In the heart of Benasque Valley, following traditional recipes, without artificial preservatives or colourants, we set the best tables for eating out in Benasque Valley.

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