Benasque Valley

The most hidden, rugged and beautiful of all the Pyrenean valleys

It is located in the north-east of Huesca province, in the middle of the Pyrenean massif, just over 100 km from the provincial capital.

It is surrounded by the highest concentration of peaks over 3000 m high in the entire Pyrenean mountain range, including Aneto at 3404 metres high, Posets at 3375 metres and Perdiguero 3221 metres to the north, the massifs of Turbón standing at 2492 metres and Cotiella at 2912 metres to the south.

The valley has numerous rivers, lakes and forests that make for a wide variety of endless landscapes and a wealth of geological features with over 13 glaciers, 95 lakes and numerous waterfalls, along with plant and animal life which led to the creation of the Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve in 1994 in order to preserve its natural resources, vegetation, flora and rock formations.

Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve is located at an altitude ranging between 1500 and 3404 metres, meaning that there is huge biodiversity throughout the valley, with some endemic species and others in danger of extinction, and includes several villages and towns: Benasque, Gistaín, Montanuy, Sahún and San Juan de Plan covering a total surface area of 33,267 hectares.

The natural monuments consist of thirteen glaciers, covering around 350 ha on the Posets, Perdiguero and Maladeta massifs. Distributed throughout the valley are numerous lakes scoured out by the glaciers (Cregüeña, Batisielles, etc.) of different sizes and features, with multiple waterfalls. The forms scoured out of the land by glacial action such as moraines and mountain lakes and other karst phenomena are also of significant interest. It also features some endemic species of flora and fauna and others in danger of extinction native to the high mountain environment. 

It is the refuge for over 10 animal species (mammals and birds) and thirty plant species of great biological interest. There is a visitors centre in Benasque with a permanent exhibition displaying the four main environments that exist in the Reserve: rock and ice, pasture and prairie, high mountain forest and inhabited valleys, and also has an audiovisual hall explaining about the Nature Reserve.

The best way to see all the peaks in Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve, from Aneto to Posets, is using the ski lift in Ampriu, where you can get to via the road heading out of Cerler village.  There is an endless choice of sports and activities to do in Benasque Valley

Adventure sports can be carried out in an amazing environment: in winter, downhill and cross-country ski resorts, or in summer, an array of activities, which, along with the facilities for spending a more relaxing time, make visiting this region of the Pyrenees an absolute pleasure.


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