Tradition and legend

One of the moments when you can feel closest to the identity of the inhabitants of a town is when you take part in their traditional dances and music, which have been a part of their local festivities since they were young children.

Benasque Valley has a wealth of traditional folklore, clearly identified depending on the village or town. 

In Sahún one of the traditional dances is called Ball dels sombrés, in Eriste it is called Ball de Girst, in Castejón de Sos Baile de los pañuelos  and Ball Pllá, in Laspaúles Ball del tatero, in Bisaurri Ball dels mayordoms and in Benasque Ball de Benás.

Ball de Benás, held on 30th June at the San Marcial festival, is celebrated in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Benasque. It is a dance with great ethnological richness, which takes place around a majestic lime tree, where the image of the Patron Saint lies. The dance consists of two compositions:Ball dels Omes performed by men, and Ball de Dones performed by mixed couples.

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