Benasque Village

Two very different urban landscapes, but well integrated, that can be found in the town. On the one hand, there are more traditional buildings near the church, such as the Palace of the Counts of Ribagorza or Casa Juste with its characteristic Watchtower, and on the other hand, the modern stone and brick structures. It includes Cerler and Anciles town centres:

Anciles: An extraordinary urban setting such as this one, cannot be left out in a summary of the best traditional architecture in the region. The most noteworthy are the splendid stately homes dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Casa Suprián, Casa Sebastián, Casa Sort, Casa Barrau, Casa Escuey..., the names of these houses indicate the families that live in them.

If you would like to discover a hidden gem of medieval religious architecture, take a quick stroll to the nearby Casa Conques. Next to it, there is a small traditional Lombard shrine, with a steeply sloping roof and a row of blind arches in the apse.

Cerler: Before reaching Cerler, do not miss the viewpoint halfway up to the village, next to the road. From there, you will be able to enjoy some exceptional views: to the south, the forests and prairies that speak of the centuries-old coexistence of man and nature in these lands; to the north, the valley becomes steeper and more rugged, with its sharp peaks and shapes sculpted by the glaciers and mountain torrents. Once in Cerler/Sarllé take a look around its historic centre. Surprising, isn’t it? The silence and peace of the old houses, built snugly against the church, and well-conserved, are a stark contrast to the bustling activity and modernity of the new development and the Aramon Cerler Ski Resort.

The old mining facility is worthy of a special mention, located near this village, which mined pyrite contained in the subsoil during the 1930s and 1940s. In the period of highest production, the trading company Industria Química de Zaragoza even managed to extract copper and gold from the remains of that mineral.

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