Sahún Village

Located in the middle of Benasque Valley. Sahún town centre is one of few that best conserves the traditional architecture in the region. 

While walking around its streets, which are perfectly adapted to the steep terrain, you will be able to see some wonderful examples of traditional houses. Do they all look alike? If you look a bit closer, you will be able distinguish between patio houses, with an open area around which the different out-buildings are located, and the block houses, where all the rooms are under the same roof. Many of them have an inscription indicating the date of construction, which usually coincides with periods of prosperity in the area.

The parish church also holds some interesting remains from different periods in history. If you are lucky, you will hear the peal of the 19th century bell, on which the maker engraved his name, and proudly: Lachintus Bardona Me Fecit. 

You can also visit the nearby Guayente/Guayén Sanctuary, which is now used as a meeting place for all the inhabitants of Benasque Valley. It was also centuries ago when the Benasque Council used to hold its meetings there. They dealt with subjects such as bandits passing through from France, distribution of pastureland, fishing, witch-hunting. Although the church was originally a Romanesque building, it was transformed during the 17th century, which is when its beautiful altarpiece was fitted. You could ask about the lineage of the Azcón family, or about how the image of the Virgin appeared.

And if you would like to know more about the wealth of traditional festivities and customs, you don't need to go to a museum: Sahún/Saunc keeps its traditions of being an open, hospitable people.

One of the most traditional festivities is held on the St. John’s Eve, when the young men climb up to the place known as La Arena, and light a bonfire. Afterwards, each young man comes back down to the village with his falla (torch) made from birch or silver birch wood, and walk around the streets until the fallas go out.

It includes two other villages; Eriste and Eresué:

Eriste:  A village located 3 km from Benasque. It has a beautiful reservoir that gives a special charm to this village. Eriste is the main gateway to Eriste Valley, the natural route to take when ascending Posets Peak and where you will also be able to visit the Glacier Visitors Centre.

Eresué: Eresué is a village whose main feature is its mountain location on the right bank of the Ésera river at an altitude of 1350 metres. 

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