Sesué Village

Located in a place with a deeply rooted livestock tradition, and Sos is located in a syncline formed by glaciers next to one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the southern end of Benasque Valley.

Livestock farming has been fundamental for the valley for centuries, but, as with everything, times change. Ask any of the inhabitants what kind of livestock there was before, and what there is now, and you will be surprised by their answer. Close by is the San Sadurni Shrine. It is worth the short walk to reach the shrine, to find the hidden building and wonderful panoramic view of the valley, which can be seen in all its splendour from the headland.

Sos is one of the least-known villages in the valley. But that is now, because in the 11th century, it was so important that the valley was named after it, which is now known as Sositana Valley. It is in a spectacular location, in a small syncline scoured out by the glaciers, and next to one of the most impressive viewpoints over the southern end of the valley. To the side, you will also find the charming Romanesque church of St. Andrew's. The tomb of a queen is said to be there. Although Sos is a place of legend, it is also said that... Galino Galinás stole a chalice from a Moorish princess, and when fleeing, his pursuers threw so many stones at him that the Chía scree was formed.