Ski Schools of Valle de Benasque

Skiing is an activity that makes you feel free and makes you stay in touch with nature. If you have ever skied, you're sure to really understand what it feels like and, if you've never tried it and would like to learn, it's an activity we recommend that you try, and what better excuse than a vacation in the Benasque Valley. 

It is also very important that a child's first steps on the ski are accompanied by a professional, in order to learn the basic techniques in a fun way. The Benasque Valley is an ideal destination where you can choose between two resorts, Aramon Cerler for downhill skiing and Snowboarding and Llanos del Hospital, the only Nordic sports resort at the foot of massifs over 3,000 metres high, where you can practice Nordic skiing. 

A child's first steps in the world of skiing are very important, as well as learning the techniques in a fun but effective way! and to do this, there is nothing better than having a professional to guide you in your initiation.

 The Benasque Valley has a large team of professionals dedicated to the teaching of skiing, both alpine and Nordic. In them you will find a great professional who will teach you from "zero" everything you need to take the level enough to enjoy the alpine charm that has the ski resort of Aramon Cerler and Llanos Hospital.